Manna Meditations

cut me a thick slice of sky…

… ¬†pile it high
with white-cloud whipped cream.

we can share it,
you and I —

two spoons,
the plate between.

that wet dab of blue
on your lower lip …

ah, Love!
let’s lick the day clean.

(Manna Meditations Day 22 – For T)



floating … {a summer scribble}

I lie down

on the lake …

Hot languid light:


Liquid green
at my back, and
a face¬†full of sky — cielo.

See that¬†blue, though —
a broken-open husk
of  heaven.

No place to be.
Nothing to say.
Two palmfuls of cloud…


Let’s just lie here
and be still. ‚̧

Almost Poetry

brave words for fearful people …

Go out into the world:

a rain-spattered window, with bare tree limbs beyond, rendered in black and white

Go!  Yes, you — though you are fearful and fragile and small.

Go broken-winged and bent-boned and beauty-starved… Lovesick.  Stardrunk. Skydizzy.

Or go sharp-eyed and sober, if that’s how it is — the hunger for the light a clenched fist in your stomach.  A hand, opening slowly in your chest like a flower.

If you are frightened, use it.

If you are desperate, use it.

Let the jitter and snap of your fear drive you scrambling up the cliff.  Grasp the sudden handle of the crescent moon, and haul and kick your way to the top.

Go!  Go by sea or land or air, or in the unfettered flight of your dreams.  Go alone, if you must.  Drag us with you, if you can.  

Just go.  And keep on going…

a pale blue and pink sunset sky, framed by bare tree limbs

Yes, you. ‚̧