Manna Meditations

i can’t seem to stop snapping the sky …

Manna Meditations, Day 25

It’s like my eyes have been opened to the beauty of bare limbs against bright clouds, backlit blue, and now I see that magic everywhere I look …

I’m grateful. 💙

Manna Meditations

gratitude in the winter dark…

(Manna Meditations, Day 23)

In these gray days, let us not forget to look for the ordinary wonder …

To see beauty in bare lines and broken places, in cracks crazing the sidewalk like fine china:

To see color in subtler shades — the blonde of afternoon sunlight.  The burnished bronze of fallen leaves, shining against wet dark asphalt:

Let us see warmth in the naked white limbs of sycamores, which reach out to embrace each other across streets and lanes, unhampered by their green-leaf summer clothing:

And let us see sunsets — one for every day, astoundingly aflame, the gift as predictable as clockwork:

Ah, Lord.  This place is cold and dark…

And also, it is beautiful. 


Manna Meditations



Gray sky.

Cold wind.

I wander down by the river, wondering (why do I still wonder?) whether I will find the Manna.  Whether it will be there for me, in this brief little window I have to go looking for it.

Something leads me, then, to a low place down by the water’s edge where the ground has collapsed into muddy cliffs.  The grass is matted down – a sign of old floodwaters here – and there are bits of garbage and broken glass caught in the weeds.  I don’t know why it is that I go slogging through the dirt, pushing through the scrubby dead underbrush, but I do.

And then.

At the very moment I reach the water, the sky opens like a sudden smile and the sun goes spangling down over everything, flashing over the river and pearling over the tops of the buildings in my little town beyond:

It’s like it was waiting for me.

I snap a photo, knowing the instant that I do so that this is it; this is Manna — that it will always be there, just when I need it.

I am learning.

I am still learning.

I carry the Light back home in my chest, realizing there are a thousand reasons to be grateful. ❤

Manna Meditations

three figures in the wilderness…

Yahweh appeared to him by the oaks of Mamre, as he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day.  He lifted up his eyes and looked, and saw that three men stood opposite him.  When he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door…
                –Genesis 18:1-2, WEB

A tree is just a tree is just a tree… except sometimes, every once in awhile, when it isn’t.

Ah, Lord … let me not miss You, here in the everyday places.  ❤