Manna Meditations

after the ice storm …

Manna Meditations, Day 28

The ice that encased us inside all day gives way, suddenly, to sun:

It is this way always, isn’t it?

The Light, knifing through the cold.

The gray, giving way to glitter and spark:

Here is what I know: Goodness comes slow, but it wins every time. 💛

Manna Meditations

gratitude in the winter dark…

(Manna Meditations, Day 23)

In these gray days, let us not forget to look for the ordinary wonder …

To see beauty in bare lines and broken places, in cracks crazing the sidewalk like fine china:

To see color in subtler shades — the blonde of afternoon sunlight.  The burnished bronze of fallen leaves, shining against wet dark asphalt:

Let us see warmth in the naked white limbs of sycamores, which reach out to embrace each other across streets and lanes, unhampered by their green-leaf summer clothing:

And let us see sunsets — one for every day, astoundingly aflame, the gift as predictable as clockwork:

Ah, Lord.  This place is cold and dark…

And also, it is beautiful.