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Wordless Wednesday: 7/13/2016


Food & Drink

An {Annual} Summer Obsession: Cold-Brewed Coffee at Home

A year ago, I shared this little post with you, and as the temperatures rise again, it only seemed right to share it once more.

Do yourself a favor:  make this coffee.

That’s all. ❤



I don’t usually write many posts that could be classified under the “lifestyle” or “food and drink” headings, but every once in awhile, I stumble over some little comestible or beverage that’s just too good *not* to share.  So I hope my more serious readers will forgive me if I spend the next 400 words talking about my morning brew.

I’ve written before about our little love affair with coffee in the Fellers family.  Around here, coffee-making is a ceremony, conducted with care in our Chemex, and nothing brings me out of my insomniac morning stupor like a steaming cup of fresh joe.

Except when it’s June and and pushing ninety before 9 a.m.

On our recent trip to Savannah, T and I spent a little time in one of our all-time favorite coffee joints, Coffee Fox, and after drinking some of their exceptional cold-brewed coffee over ice, we decided to switch things up and start cold-brewing at home.  We found the simplest possible instructions — here — and started experimenting.

I don’t know why we didn’t start this months ago.

Now, we fill a tall glass pitcher every evening with almost two cups of fresh-ground beans and about 40 ounces of clear, cold water, and then we leave the pitcher to work its magic overnight. The next morning, we strain the mixture straight through the Chemex and enjoy over ice… That’s it.

Without the heat of the boiling water, the slow-steeped beans demonstrate an entirely different and much more nuanced flavor profile.  Floral notes and fruity notes become more pronounced.  Everything tastes fresher, crisper and more complex. All that to say:  it’s just plain ridiculously good.

I like to serve the stuff black and sparkling in my favorite double-walled glasses, and the slow clink and crackle of ice against glass makes me feel all cocktail-party fancy, even at dawn when I’m still in my pajamas.

If you haven’t tried cold-brewing at home before, I hope you do.  Raise a glass for me and enjoy! ❤