Manna Meditations

finding the light on the long rainwet road …


Manna Meditations

seeing into the future …

Manna Meditations, Day 31

Yesterday, in a moment of joy, I lifted my iPhone to a dogwood branch knotted with small dark buds – the hope of things to come.

By accident, though, I snapped a photo of my own upturned face, lit with quiet wonder.

I offer these two images today in humble recognition that they are both, in a way, photos of the same thing:

Unguarded Hope.

And also, beauty.

Because really: ย anyone who can see hope outside herself is someone who harbors it safe within, too…

And that, friends, is a deeply beautiful thing. โค

Manna Meditations

… perhaps youโ€™ve passed the secret twice, while reading this sentence …

I’m beginning to understand that the Magic was there along…

… That even in the darkest seasons, I walked right over it a dozen times a day:

And still it waited, subtle as a whisper, as if it was made for me to find it:

I happen to think it was made for you, too. ๐Ÿ’›