Manna Meditations

finding Narcissus by a quiet stream…

Manna Meditations, Day 33

The Stream snatches a slice out of the sky and pins it down in a furrow of earth, so that all the trees lean over to look, seeing the sight of themselves for the very first time:

They stand astounded, caught in this position for a hundred years, perhaps … Just long enough for their lean forms to lock in the shape of supplication, or prayer.

The Stream laughs all day long at their vanity. But the she laughs, too, at the gift of their beauty, which bends always toward her, backlit by blue.

In the face of our beloved, we seek our own reflection.

Manna Meditations

cut me a thick slice of sky…

…  pile it high
with white-cloud whipped cream.

we can share it,
you and I —

two spoons,
the plate between.

that wet dab of blue
on your lower lip …

ah, Love!
let’s lick the day clean.

(Manna Meditations Day 22 – For T)


Thoughts in Progress


A black-and-white photograph of a pale rose, the focus lightly blurred, the petals unfurling.

Come in, Love,
and shake the rain
from your shoulders.

Come —
let the storm lash
the panes of the windows,
the thunder rattle
the bones of the house.
Here we’ll make Quiet 
the way some people
make Love.

(I’ll tell you a secret:
Sometimes they’re one & the same.)

Let’s not talk of the world
outside the door —
the storm has snapped
the wires to this place,
and no outside voices
can reach us.

We will not eat at the table, 
but here on the floor,
the blanket smoothed out,
the glass bowl full of
petals and candlelight.

There’s a broken husk
of pomegranate.



The still air empty between us,
and the invitation 
to fill it.

Hush. ❤



Five Little Reminders for You, on Valentine’s Day


True story?

For almost a decade now, I’ve slept with my body curled tight against my husband’s.  I’ve woken to his heartbeat, and shared in his dreams. 

We have every reason to celebrate, but still:  I have some very mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know why, but this year I’ve felt painfully aware of how the holiday pressures people into making commitments they’re not ready to make…   They say words that don’t feel right yet.   They buy rings they can’t afford, and make promises they’re not sure they want to keep. They make love that isn’t love at all … And that makes me sad.

If you’re reading this today and you’re feeling like a flower forced into bloom, I hope you’ll hear these words and take a little courage …


Five Things We Already Know, But Keep Forgetting:

1) You don’t have to spend this evening with anybody … especially not with someone who makes you feel less important than you are. It is completely acceptable to spend Valentine’s Day with a special friend, a dear family member, or in the pleasure of your own company.

2) You don’t have to feel pressured to sleep with someone just because they bought you a fancy dinner … And you certainly shouldn’t feel pressured to say words you don’t mean just because somebody else said them to you first… Your body is yours to give or to keep. Your heart is, too.

3) If social media makes you feel badly today, please — please — just disconnect for awhile. Take a walk in the woods. Hug somebody who seems lonely. Read something, or create something, or reconnect with an old friend. All these are better ways to spend an hour than scrolling and feeling Less Than.

4) Whatever you do, I hope you *don’t* pop the question just because your partner expects it, or because it seems like The Thing To Do. There will time for genuine love, for champagne and celebration, commitments and congrats. But the well-paid advertising folks in the jewelry industry don’t have the right to push you into thinking that it has to happen today… or tomorrow, either.

5) Last but not least: you deserve so much more than to be somebody’s fallback option … and your partner deserves better, too. **Don’t settle.**


Oh, friends: maybe it sounds sappy, but I believe that your Creator loves you dearly, and I’m saying a little prayer that you feel that love today…

You’re braver than you think and more beautiful than you know.  ❤  

Everyday Magic

When the Forest Sends Me a Heart-Shaped Love Note …

Every day, this world tries to tell me, in quiet, ordinary ways, that there is love for me here.

And also magic.

I went on a long walk in the woods yesterday.  My mind was cluttered, my heart heavy, but then, this:


… A giant leaf like a valentine:  soft as parachute silk.

Today, I’m wishing you a little love just when you need it most…  Hope you go out into the green with both eyes open for magic. ❤

Almost Poetry

Oh, God, if only you might give me the words …

… to speak the song the cicadas are singing —
that murmur and hum filling the trees.
But their song is wholly their own,
and no matter what words I use,
mine would only be a poor copy —
and why bother to copy such a thing,
when anyone can go out on a summer night
and sit spellbound to the sound
of the original?

But oh, God — I beseech you —
we have stopped hearing it.
A thousand nights these voices sing for us,
their words worn-out white noise,
the meaning lost like a long-ago first language,
so that in the song we hear no language at all.
And, oh, God, if you might give me the words,
perhaps I might shake us out of deafness,
so we might stand stunned under the canopy:
silent to it.  Listening.

Oh, teach me to sing it:
a hundred thousand voices
whirling wild in the trees,
filling the green air
with buzzing vibrato,
crying out over and over:
Love me, Love me —
the summer is short,
this life is so brief …
oh, love me while you can —
You!  Yes, you –

while my body can still sing,
still love, and sunlight still
spangles the branches …

Which I guess is the same song
we’re all singing,
after all.