Everyday Magic

magic on the sidewalk …

This weekend, I dare you to believe something radical:

Every day, the world tosses magic at your feet.

And I could try to write a long treatise to convince you that’s true… Or I could just show you this series of photos, which are literally just shots of chipped concrete and a few stray weeds at the sidewalk’s edge…

Proof that the magic is wherever you choose to see it, if you look with loving eyes:






Hope you go out and find a little ordinary magic of your own today…  It’s a pretty special world we’re living in. ā¤ 



20 thoughts on “magic on the sidewalk …

  1. “Abner, she’s out there again.”
    “That woman with the camera.”
    “She’s taking pictures of the sidewalk.”
    “Leave her alone, Gladys.”
    “I don’t get it? Why the sidewalk?”
    “Maybe she’s an artist.”
    “She could be a hippie.”
    “I like her. She’s friendly.”
    “Why would an artist take pictures of an old gray sidewalk?”
    “It’s magic, Gladys. Magic.”

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  2. Loving eyes to see the specialness of the world today… That is my goal today. Thank you so much for again reminding me to see the beauty all around me in the most ordinary things. I NEED these constant reminders. So grateful for you today! Have a beautiful day and a lovely weekend!

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  3. Really like all the different shadows in each image.
    As for the words, it’s so true… the way we look at the world really changes everything. “what goes around comes around” šŸ™‚

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