Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 2/10/2016


Grandin Village, Roanoke, VA – January 2016


15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 2/10/2016

    • Thank you, Ram! I like this one too, in spite of the fact that it’s so abstract. I don’t know why, but I find it provocative & keep coming back to it, so I thought I’d share.

      Thank you for being here … Keep journeying!! 🙂

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      • I will! Promise. I live in a pretty new development so seeing a bird in the winter is a treat (the developer razed the forest to build our cookie cutter houses, so they fled. Yes – I hate myself). The bunnies though!! They are all like: “Ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ us!” They are everywhere, huge and fast. And their babies that we get to see in spring/summer? The cuteness is too much! We do get a lot of snowy owls that descend upon our city from the Arctic. I stare in awe each time I’m lucky enough to spot one. I always consider it a good omen.

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