Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 2/3/2016


Keswick, Virginia – January 2016


39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 2/3/2016

  1. It’s Wordless Wednesday.

    It’s quiet at your house. You don’t speak. T rushes in telling you about what happened at work and you hold a finger to your lips. Shhh. He stops in mid-sentence and nods. No television tonight; you both sit and read and turn the pages quietly. You walk through the house in your socks, tip-toeing to keep the silence. Outside, you hear the wind rushing through the trees, the rain trickling down the gutter.

    You show T a photograph you took of a piece of wood, the grain running parallel creating light and shadow with so much texture you want to touch it. Color is stripped away and we see the essence of the wood. It’s weathered and worn, which only makes it more interesting and in its own way, more beautiful. Just like life.

    All of this, and more, is said through the photograph. No words are necessary. Because it’s Wordless Wednesday.

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