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A Birthday, a Wedding Anniversary, a Meteor Shower, & a Whole Lot of Celebrating …

It’s been quiet around alpha// whiskey//foxtrot for the past week, and that’s because the *rest* of my life hasn’t been quiet at all.

The middle of August is a special chocolate-covered double-dip sundae for me, since I get to celebrate my anniversary and my birthday one day after the next. Needless to say, I’ve been having my cake and eating it too this week (literally).

I’ve gotten more than my share of gifts and flowers from special people:


I got up in the middle of the night with T and watched shooting stars tear across the sky.

I spent a whole day with the mister in Staunton, where we wandered around like vagabonds, ate like kings, shot photographs like artistes, bought a shameful amount of vintage clothing, and watched A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Blackfriars Theatre.


(And while we’re on the subject:  can we talk about this vintage clothing boutique?  It’s just so much fun it isn’t even right):






I capped off the week with a gathering of friends at a new favorite restaurant.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all this seemingly superficial celebrating, T & I have been having some of the most radical and beautiful conversations of our shared life together.  And maybe someday I’ll tell you about that, but for now, I’ll just say:

Life isn’t perfect, but it’s good.


Whatever you’re doing this week, I hope you make a little time to celebrate your days, too… Cheers!  ❤


24 thoughts on “A Birthday, a Wedding Anniversary, a Meteor Shower, & a Whole Lot of Celebrating …

  1. Congrats. Congrats! And, you know I live in Staunton, right? I coulda used a nice big cup of coffee last week. And the meteor shower was great from a hill on Thornrose Cemetery. Glad you visited this cool little city and enjoyed yourselves!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jeff, I had no idea! 🙂 Staunton is only an hour and a half up the road from us here in Roanoke, so it’s always an enjoyable little weekend jaunt, and we like the place’s smart but un-snobby small-town vibe. (I do, actually, *really* miss living in a college town).

      Maybe sometime we can grab a cup of coffee when I’m in the neighborhood. 🙂


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