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A Little Sunshine on My Straw Fedora … (a Summer Crush)

Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but I have a thing for the light when it’s pushing around and through obstacles.  I love it knifing through the blinds in early morning:


 I love it filtering through the canopy in the woods:


 I love the way it speckles and stripes my skin, brands me with the shapes of lace and leaves and window grids:


(I really just can’t help myself.)

Lately, though, I have a new crush where light is concerned, and I found it in the most unlikely of places.

A few weeks ago, I dropped into Target to snag something completely mundane, like soap or office tape or a bottle of ketchup.  On my way to get the things I *actually* needed, I spotted this little open-weave straw fedora with its jaunty blue chambray band, and for $15.00, I figured it was a harmless indulgence.  It’s been getting a lot of play in my wardrobe ever since — with everything from vintage seersucker dresses to classic white shirts and boyfriend jeans.

But what I love about it most is the way it scatters a confetti of light on my cheekbones whenever I wear it.

No matter how I’m feeling, when I put it on, I feel little pinpricks of summer sun dancing over my face and catching in my eyelashes …  And this is a small, ordinary, thing, but it makes me smile:


Here’s hoping you find a little light and loveliness in small, ordinary things today… ❤




12 thoughts on “A Little Sunshine on My Straw Fedora … (a Summer Crush)

  1. Beautiful! A good friend of mine who is a talented photographer speaks often of the joys of perfect light. Your black and white shots capture this so beautifully.

    Love the light play, “confetti-ness” that the cute little straw hat provides! I love hats myself…one accessory that I feel is truly flattering on my giant, casaba melon head.

    So yes – when I walk the trails near my house, especially in the fall, I love the streams of light that work their way through the tree canopy and highlight the many smaller bright yellow and red bushes. A simple delight!

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