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I don’t often share much of my personal, day-to-day life here…  But a few weeks ago it occurred to me that my husband and I have lived in our little cottage-in-the-city for just over three years now. In the time since we first moved in, we’ve torn down walls, gutted and remodeled a bathroom AND a kitchen, replaced the roof, siding, landscaping, and plenty of flooring, and torn down more wallpaper than I ever hope to see again in my life.


But we’ve also done the smaller things that make a house a home: we’ve hauled antiques from the roadside and painted them white (of course), hung up some of my paintings, and filled the place with our favorite books. There will *always* be more work to do, no matter where we live, but today I’m taking the time to honor all those little things that make me love this place…











7 thoughts on “Making Home

  1. lbdesigns1 says:

    Beautiful space! That’s the best way is to appreciate and love the small things, especially with your home. I just finished reading Love the home you have by Melissa Michaels, and it’s fabulous and kind of touches how to take everyday life as well I loved it :). I really enjoyed this post and got more of a glimpse into your life 🙂

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    • I had a feeling you would enjoy this one, lady, with your eye for beautiful spaces. 🙂 I LOVE Melissa’s blog, but I haven’t read her book … Now I have to check it out! Thanks for your reconmendation … &, as always, for your sweet words. 🙂 Your voice here always feels fresh and positive. ❤

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