An Honest Prayer …

Oh Lord, teach me to see this town with loving eyes …

when the snow lies clean on every limb,
and when it clogs the sidewalk, soot-scuffed black.

when I am surrounded by ones I love,
and when I am trudging the white trail alone.

when I am surrounded and still alone —
give me love, then most of all.

Teach me to see this town with loving eyes.



2 thoughts on “An Honest Prayer …

  1. But, you do see the town with loving eyes, just perhaps not quite your thing.

    I struggle with this problem daily: I love my home, but I do not love my town; do I settle in and accept my ‘fate’ (I have to for now as my husband works here) and pour all my love into this home, or do I put more effort into actively searching for a retirement place (which includes outside of my property) that will feel like home too? Is there such a place anyway?
    When retirement comes we will decide; in the meantime I never feel settled. And it has been too long.

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    • Thank you for these words!! I *do* love it, but loving a place is like loving a person; there are always some hard days. I’m learning to store up gratitude for when I need it most. 🙂 And I *so* get where you’re coming from about your own home. Life is a tricky balance of contentment vs. the need to push forward and grow. You’re making your curret home look lovely in the meantime. 🙂 I love seeing it through your lens!!

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